8/15 – 7/16 Annual EEO Public File Report

8/15 – 7/16 Annual EEO Public File Report


The purpose of this EEO Public File Report is to comply with Section 73.2080(c) (6) of the FCC’s 2003 EEO Rule. This report has been prepared on behalf of the Station Employment Unit that is comprised of the following stations: WVLI 92.7 – Kankakee, IL, WIVR 101.7– Kentland, IN, WFAV 95.1 – Kankakee, IL, WYUR 103.7– Gilman, IL and is required to be placed in the public inspection files of these stations.


The information in this Report covers the time period beginning July 22, 2015 to July 21, 2016


The FCC’s 2003 EEO Rule requires that this report contain the following information.




(1) Morning Show jock.




“THE EMPLOYMENT UNIT” intends to use the following recruitment sources to ensure that information concerning vacancies at the stations is widely disseminated.


Kankakee Community College

CCJOB.net.com River Road

Contact: Julie Anderson-Muniz 815-802-8578


Illinois Broadcast Association


Contact: Deb Gray 681-985-5555


Governors State University

Job Fair/University Park, IL

Contact: Cynthia Comber 708-235-3974


The Daily Journal

8 Dearborn Sq. Kankakee, IL

Contact: Terry Adkins 815-937-3300


Twin States Publishing

Watseka, IL

Contact: Christy 815-432-5227


Olivet Nazarene University

One University Avenue Bourbonnais, IL

Contact: Mary D. Anderson 815-939-5011


Gilman Star

PO Box 7, Gilman, IL

Contact: John Elliott 815-265-7332


The Herald/Country Market Newspaper

500 Brown Blvd. Bourbonnais, IL

Contact: Toby Olszewski 815-933-1131















On November 25, 2015 Bob Malkowski, morning show DJ, came into Tim Milner’s office and abruptly resigned his position on WVLI. Due to the urgency of the situation finding a replacement was of the utmost importance.   Mr. Milner immediately went to the EEO recruitment files and looked for the best qualified candidate to sit in the chair of the vacant morning show host.  The best person was Mike Tomano, formerly of WKAN in Kankakee.  A true professional of the community as he also served as the General Manager when at WKAN.













WVLI/WFAV/WIVR/WYUR, Milner Broadcasting Enterprises, LLC places priority on establishing opportunities for young communication students pursuing this career category in radio.  Internship programs are an effective way to identify, assess and develop future broadcast professionals. Our interns can be assigned short- or long-term opportunities that will develop an intern’s professional career and benefit the industry. They experience all the actual workings that pertain to a radio career whether it is in announcing, sales, production, or engineering. This program is supervised under the direction of Michael Milner.



  • Chris Morris – Illinois Center for Broadcasting –

June, 2015 Hired March 7, 2016

  • Baylee Steelman – Illinois State University –

April 26, 2016 to August 20, 2016





Milner Broadcasting Enterprises has continues to play a part in our community’s scholarship    programs knowing how very important it is to support these efforts toward furthering education for our young people.  Our company has been a member of the Century Club, an elite group supporting scholarships for Kankakee Community College students.  This past year WVLI/WFAV/WIVR/WYUR awarded their 2016, $1200 annual scholarship through the   Kankakee Community College program.  Our winner was Candace Martell or Beaverville, IL.


Management also supported Kiwanis Club on their annual scholarship fundraiser.      The”Peanut Drive” worked  on the distribution of peanuts with all funds going for scholarship rewards.















Mr. Tim Milner, President and General Manager of our employment unit WVLI / WFAV/    WIVR/WYUR conducts and represents us at all job fairs.  He manages the Fair Booth and interviews those who are interested in broadcast careers.  All resumes are on file in our EEO file.   Our community job fairs are a contributing factor giving the unemployed a chance to explore different options in a variety of fields.





           October 1, 2015


            The WVLI / WFAV / WIVR / WYUR employment unit joined Kankakee Community College Fall Job Fair on Thursday, October 1, 2016. This is an outstanding fair held at the KCC Workforce Development Center. It is always very popular and a great opportunity to meet potential employers. Over 40 very influential companies were in attendance and ready to visit with potential employees and listen to their needs and questions pertaining to career services, financial aid, networking, the GI BiIl etc.  Tim Milner, President and General Manager of Milner Broadcasting, spoke with many of the students,  answering their questions about their opportunities in the broadcasting industry.




           February 24, 2016


This year at the Olivet Nazarene University students came out in full force. The WVLI / WFAV / WIVR /WYUR employment unit has been attending this annual event since it began.  Mr. Milner, President & General Manager once again represented radio station to the many graduating communications students and invited them to “intern” with our company.  He conducted a number of interviews and discussed job opportunities in the future.




           April 7, 2016


The KCC Job Fair has always been a success.  It always draws a large crowd.

Tim Milner, President & General Manager always represents our radio stations WVLI/ WFAV / WIVR / WYUR pointing out the positives of a possible radio career.  He conducted 10 interviews with students as they also received many opportunities to meet representatives from various businesses.  This is also a great opportunity to make a great impression which goes a long way toward gaining employment.
















4:  WVLI/WFAV/WIVR/WYUR JOB FAIR                                     

July 7, 2016


Milner Broadcasting Enterprises conducted a job fair at their studios on Thursday, July 7, 2016 from 10:00am to Noon.  Communications students and others were invited to come and bring their resumes and fill out applications for future possible openings.  Plus, having an opportunity to visit with Tim Milner, a pioneer in the broadcasting field, to discuss and answer the student’s questions regarding the advantages of pursing a communications career.  We had several promising applicants come through the fair. Some applicants were given other resources available, such as the Opportunity 3000 Kankakee, which offers other job positions much more suited to their job skills.







Our Employment Unit, WVLI/WFAV/WIVR/WYUR in light of further public affair initiatives                                                 have listed the following efforts in serving the communities:



  1. Tyjuan Hagler’s kidz kan-do youth Football Camp               Every summer the Tyjuan Hagler Foundation runs a “football camp” for the youth from our areas, African-American and Disadvantaged children’s groups.

This initiative was started with former NFL INDIANAPOLIS cOLTs tYJUAN Hagler and he invited Tim Milner, Pres. and G.M., to help promote the event and encourage participating youth.  He invited Milner Broadcasting to help promote and participate in.  This has been a very successful program. Also, Tyjuan visits Milner Broadcasting to participate in an on air interview.


  1. City of Watseka – Flood Recovery

In conjunction with community services of The Lutheran Emergency Response Team,      (MARC) A Multi-Agency Resource Center and others, The Watseka began recovery efforts due to extensive flooding in the area.  The City of Watseka started debris removal and WVLI/WFAV/WIVR/WYUR supported their efforts in by running announcements on their stations of locations where to drop off debris, furniture, etc.  They also helped in announcing the need for volunteers in the area.


  1. 3. Milner Broadcasting Website:

Milner Broadcasting provides information to the community through their recent addition of the radio stations websites, WVLI927.com, WIVR1017.com & WFAV951.com.  Daily updates are made in the news, community events and outreach programs as well as photos of current events that the station staff have attended.


  1. Fill the Bus with Toys – Fundraiser

In partnership with State Representative Kate Cloonen, Milner Broadcasting was asked to participate in the annual “Fill the Bus with Toys” for their toy drive. The importance of this drive was to offer a helping hand to those in less fortunate situations especially this time of year.  With our help, they were able to collect more than 1200 toys and gift cards which will allow them to help more than 400 families throughout the area.











  1. Kankakee Lead Safe Home Initiative program – Free program

Kankakee Community Development Agency recently held a free program which included a free lead assessment and possible home rehabilitation. Milner Broadcasting ran a series of announcements daily leading up to the event publicizing this Lead Abatement program.  Mostly for the city of Kankakee, because of the nature of the older homes involved, the city thought this would benefit all children under the age of 6 or met the income eligibility requirements.


  1. Kankakee County Humane Foundation – Pet of the Month

Milner Broadcasting reached out to the Kankakee County Humane Foundation for its Pet of the Month campaign to highlight adoptable shelter pets.  To support their efforts, Milner Broadcasting made several public service announcements to announce the pet of the month.  Several people were also invited in to do on air interviews and weekly announcements to advertise the pet of the month up for adoption.




  1. OUTSTANDING Community Service:



Tim Milner, President and G.M. of Milner Broadcasting, in an effort to assist     in providing a safe and stable police force in the village of Bourbonnais, volunteers his time as a police commissioner.  The responsibilities of commissioner include, but are not limited to, the screening and hiring of new officers.  As police commissioner, Mr. Milner assisted in the hiring of a new police officer.




Tim Milner, President and General Manager of Milner Broadcasting, Foundation Board Member, along with Kathy Gagliano, Vice President serve on the Riverside Healthcare Foundation.  The Foundation help ensure that the most technologically advanced, highest quality healthcare is readily accessible to residents.  Mr. Milner was also asked by Phil Kambic to be Board President which Mr. Milner accepted.


C).   KCTC Crystal Gayle Show

Tim Milner, President and General Manager of WVLI/WFAV/WIVR/WYUR and President of the Kankakee County Training Center assisted and promoted the Crystal Gayle Holiday Concert held on November 20, 2015.  Funds raised were used towards investments to further handicapped adults employment needs and continued success of the Training Center.


D). Family Focused messages – Education

Time out with Meliss, General Public Service Announcements, EEO     Recruitment announcements, Contest Disclaimers, the City News and Gospel Greats programming.  Milner Broadcasting provides the public with these programs to alert and inform the public of general information regarding these vital programs. From family focused messages with a goal of education or parenthood tips.  Also offering job recruiting ads at the station to rules of our contests.  With all attention focused the listeners.





  1. E) Work Kankakee.org

Dr. Susan Emmerich, Executive Director of the Coalition for Hope and Excellence in Education (CHEE) contacted Mr. Tim Milner, President of Milner Broadcasting to begin partnering as an educational workforce to achieve the 2019 vision for Kankakee County’s workforce of tomorrow.  Mr. Milner also attended the Opportunity 3000 luncheon which launched an Advanced Manufacturing & Health Care Career video to help promote get this vital information out to the schools in the area and  to advertise the 3,000 jobs available in Kankakee County.


F).   An Evening Celebration

“Commemorating 75 Years” in Kankakee County was the Theme at Olivet    Nazarene University on October 27, 2015.  Tim Milner, President and General Manager was asked to attend the 75th Anniversary Dinner celebration.  The night included “A look back, a look around, and a look ahead”.  Dr. John Bowling spoke about how the University started, got its name and what the future holds.


G). Holiday Concert

Milner Broadcasting, WVLI/WFAV/WIVR/WYUR was approached by on air   DJ, Bill Dyche offering an opportunity to place our logo in the River Valley Wind Ensemble Holiday Concert on Saturday, December 12, 2015 at Olivet Nazarene University Larsen Fine Arts Building program.  We supported their efforts with several announcements made promoting this wonderful concert night.


H). Bears Signage

We are true Bears fans.  And we have true Bears Fans all around our community.  Tim Milner was asked by the Kankakee Chamber of Commerce, which he was also asked to be on the board by Jeff Hammes,  to offer Bears Signs to the community to place in the yards of fans to show their support for the Chicago Bears when they are here for their summer camp at Olivet Nazarene University. Tim’s input for upcoming Bears Kickoff Party has also made his involvement with this camp even more important.


I). Persons with Disabilities

Options CIL approached Tim Milner, President of Milner Broadcasting, WVLI/WFAV/WIVR/WYUR to help promote their Wheel-a-Thon/Walk-a-Thon on Saturday September 19, 2015.  Options CIL is a center for Independent Living to increase opportunities for people with disabilities to live active, independent lives and participant in our community. WVLI/WFAV/WIVR/WYUR made several announcements to help promote their Wheel-a-thon/Walk-a-thon.


J). Big Read

Kathy Gagliano, Vice President of Milner Broadcasting asked Tim Milner to     support Governors State University in their National Endowment for the Arts Big Read program.  This initiative offers grants to support innovative community reading programs designed around a single book.  The NEA Big Read program supports organizations across the country in developing community-wide reading programs which encourage reading and participation in diverse audiences.


K). Calvary Bible Church – Weekly message

Milner Broadcasting aired a daily announcement provided by Calvary Bible     Church giving an inspirational “blurb” on what this week/months message will be.  Encouraging the public to come to the church to hear the whole message.








L). Association – River cleanup Northern Illinois Anglers

As an annual sponsor of the NIAA, Milner Broadcasting has supported the Anglers in their 2015/16 river clean up.  With encouragement from the station, through news broadcast, on air interviews and public service announcements, listeners were encouraged to get involved to get out and help clean up the river.  Rainy weather may have dampened the turnout with only 467 volunteers, but none the less the cleanup was successful.


M). DJ for the hour – St. Joe’s auction

Recently Milner Broadcasting was approached by St. Joe’s Catholic school regarding their annual auction.  Jennifer Jackson bid and won on the item “DJ for an hour”. Herself and 3 children and the Principal of the school came by the studio and sat in with the DJ’s, recorded a public service announcement saw how the news was produced and reported to the listeners.  Milner Broadcasting was glad to provide this prize to St. Joe’s as a possible inspiration for a person to go into the communications field.


N). Holiday Parade – Bradley Christmas Parade

Every year Milner Broadcasting is asked to participate in the Annual Bradley    Christmas Fantasy Lighted Parade.   Mike Ruble participates in the yearly event which engages with the community and listeners.


O). Kankakee Area Career Center – Emerging Workforce

The Kankakee Area Career Center contacted Milner Broadcasting regarding their Emerging Workforce Conference that welcomed high school students and their parents to find out “what is really out there”.  The conference explained to them that no longer does an expensive 4 year college degree ensure employment, but gave them a look at what a post-secondary education might look like.  Along with announcing public service announcements, Matthew Kelley was offered to come in to the station for an on air interview.


P). Neal Allers Memorial Golf Outing – Scholarships

Members of the Ken Allers family asked the Tim Milner to be a sponsor in the 17th Annual Neal Allers Memorial Golf Outing.  The event is the sole fundraiser of the Neal Allers Memorial Trust.  The trust has awarded scholarships to 76 students to date from Faith Reformed Church and Kankakee High School (both of which Neal was active in).



3: MOTIVATIONAL PUBLIC SPEAKING: WVLI/WFAV/WIVR/WYUR are most fortunate to have Tim Milner, our President and General Manager, who, in addition to his obligations in running our broadcasting business, also gives his time to public speaking  in the community.  His expertise is “motivational” speaking to the young students in the community schools, encouraging them to stay in school, practice discipline and perseverance in reaching their goals and fulfilling their dreams.  Many businesses and schools call on Tim throughout the year to address their people.



Tim Milner, Pres. and G.M. was invited by the Dr. Don Daake to share his expertise with the Advertising and Promotions Class at Olivet Nazarene University.  Tim shared sales techniques to those students to the marketing field. And the importance of following up with clients and the benefits of radio advertising.











Jim Riordan, local author and founder of the Make it Stick program invited Tim Milner our President to speak to the community “Make it Stick” organization which reaches out to youth against alcohol and drug abuse.  Funds raised were used to support the “Make It Stick” organization which reaches out to youths against drug and alcohol abuse to raise funds.









  1.  Further Involvement in the Minority Community


Considering the utmost importance of our EEO policy, management makes an accelerated and consistent effort to work with our minority community leaders, supporting their efforts in meeting the needs of their communities.  Tim Milner, President and General Manager and his staff of WVLI/WFAV/WIVR/WYUR, has worked closely with them over the past 25 years. Our eyes, ears and microphones are open to all points of interest re: issues in the black community, education, water issues, youth recreation, drugs, alcohol abuse and childcare.





Tim Milner, President and General Manager was invited to Kennedy Upper

Grade School by Betty Peters-Lambert,    Principal to    speak with the    schools 600 minority children regarding the Benefits of being in Broadcasting. He also signed the students papers asked questions inquiring about broadcasting.  The spotlight on career day event took place on

April 21, 2016 and 27 employers were in attendance to speak with the children.



2) WVLI/WFAV/WIVR/WYUR continually supports Pete Martin, a leading African American Supporter through his very successful Youth Uplift Ministries program. MinISTRIES efforts in reaching out to the young children of the African American community and meeting their needs.  We sponsor a huge campaign in the winter for warm clothing “Coats, Hats, Gloves, Scarves for the young people.  The big attraction is the big “Bicycle Giveaway” to the neediest.  We appreciate Pete Martin’s working with the young people, most importantly his efforts in mentoring the children in the area.



3) KANKAKEE HOUSING COMMITTEE:  Tim Milner continues to attend the   Kankakee Housing Task Force, of Kankakee, that Mayor Nina Epstein had spoken to him about being a consultant for the task force. Mayor Epstein asked him to sit on a committee with 10 other local representatives.  Mr. Milner willingly accepted the position and has attended monthly meetings since then.  Simply stated the housing program comes down to a few issues:  1. Too many houses not enough owners.  2. Too many rentals not owned, approximately 70%. 3. The average median income is $15-32,000 far below the $57,000.







4).African American History in Word & Song

Tim Milner was approached by the Rev. Loris Holmes, Pastor of Caldwell Chapel Zion Church to help celebrate Black history.  Mr. Milner first attended the church service that involved “African American History in word & song” that was written and directed by Mrs. Eddie Hood.  Immediately followed by a dinner entitled “A taste of Soul Food”.  The event again was announced in our Public Service announcements as well as asking the Reverend in for an interview.


5). Juneteenth Celebration – A black History celebration

Lenora Noble, an active African American community supporter came into Milner Broadcasting to enter a Public Service   Announcement.  The Juneteenth Celebration is regarding the slavery emancipation that happened on June 19th, 1865, hence the word “Juneteenth”.  Mr. Milner asked Lenora to return and participate on 2 on air interviews to talk about the weeklong celebration which included parades, speakers, kid’s fest and much more.


6). Festival of the Fine Arts – Avis Huff

Tim Milner was approached by Willa White, Committee Chair of the Avis Huff Celebration Committee to donate to the Avis Huff Student Services Center.  Avis Huf was the first African-American woman to serve as a principal in Kankakee School District.  For that honor, Lafayette Elementary School will honor Avis Huff with changing its name to “Avis Huff Student Services Center”.  In honor of this, the Kankakee School district celebrated with a weeklong festival to help with funds. Milner Broadcasting also made a cash donation towards the fundraising efforts.


7). Lords Lamb Food Pantry

From Public record (the Daily Journal) Milner Broadcasting contacted Lillian & Bruce Spencer from the Lords Lamb Food Pantry Ministry.  The food pantry is currently located in the Pembroke Township in a trailer.  Open daily for the less fortunate individuals, the food pantry offers a wide variety of food.  A public service announcement is still be read daily.  Lillian & Bruce were also asked to come in for an on air interview.




Tim Milner, Pres. and G.M. in working with minority outlets, for example working with City News Paper written by James Taylor Jr. plus efforts to place African Americans on the board of Kankakee County, are benefiting the minority community with information, growth and change.




On Saturday, July 2, 2016, Tim Milner and Milner Broadcasting attended and sponsored in part a community picnic at Pioneer Park.  This event is designated to reach underprivliged African American, Hispanic and white children in economically depressed areas.

Bikes, toys, bounce house & music made for a great day.  A positive message for all from Uplift Youth Ministries headed by Pete Martin, a respected individual in the African American community.











RE: Form 397



This statement confirms that WVLI/WFAV/WIVR/WYUR consistently adheres to a vigorous enforcement of the FCC EEO Requirements to ensure a genuine equality of opportunity to all when fulfilling our employment needs.



Tim Milner, President/General Manager